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Loft Apartment Rentals

Now available to bicyclists and tourists alike! These luxurious lofts are equipped with two queen bed, a ½ kitchen upstairs, a full kitchen downstairs, dining area, and one bathroom! Room rate is $79.95 per night.

Touring the Mickelson Trail on bicycles? Bicyclists receive a $20.00 discount when renting bicycles or using our shuttling services! Please call Stacey at 605-484-6592 or 605-574-4302 for more information!

A look at one of the apartments from the outside.
A look at one of the queen beds and the half-kitchen.
Both of the beds and a comfortable-looking chair to the left of them.
A picture of the bathroom with toilet and shower stall to the left, and the sink, light, and waste bin in front of the shower stall and to the right.
A picture of the bedroom upstairs taken from between the beds in order to show part of the half kitchen, the staircase, and a wall-mounted TV.
A picture of the dining area, a lamp to the right, and a comfortable chair beside one of the beds on the far right.
A picture of a donkey in Custer State Park. Just one of many species of both domestic and wild life you'll see while riding the Mickelson Trail!